Wuhan Airport Guide to Wuhan Airport (WUH)

Wuhan Airport Services

Wuhan Airport has plenty of services to accommodate their passengers while waiting for their flight.

Within the airport terminals you can find food & drink and leisure services such as restaurants, cafés, shops, etc.


Find plenty of ATMs throughout the airport terminals.


There is a bank branch for either money withdrawal, deposit and currency exchange available in the airport terminals.

Baby care rooms

For parenting, find baby care rooms located throughout both airport terminals.

Smoking room

At level 2 of both terminals, you can find a smoking room.

First aid rooms

At Wuhan Airport there is medical service available in both Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 where you’ll get free assistance. On the other hand, The Emergency Centre is open 24 hours and is located at 300 metres from the terminal complex. Opening hours: 24 hours. For further information, please call +86 027 85818310 (Clinics) and +86 027 85818617 / 85818687 (Emergency Center).

Some other services offered are:

- ATMs
- Baby care rooms
- Currency exchange
- Duty free shops
- Food, drink and retail concessions
- Information desk
- Luggage storage
- Luggage wrapping
- First aid rooms
- Mobile chargers
- Smoking room
- Water fountains
- Lost & found
- Baggage claim
- Toilets
- Waiting areas